Third Chapter - Dawn till Dusk Collection

This is a collection for the rule breakers. For those that would rather punch the status quo in the face than neatly fall into line. A collection for those who relentlessly pursue the sun and stay for one more drink, no matter what the time. For those who understand that their crew is the best source of inspiration and that there is creativity in the madness of the streets. This is a collection for those who have a dream and chase it from dawn until dusk. This is a collection for those who understand that the pursuit is more rewarding than the catch. Never stop. Third Chapter commandeered Juddy Roller for the day to create the look for the 2013 summer collection. Shot by Nicole Reed (T-world), the all Australian designed and manufactured collection features a range of artist based prints, vintage Austrian fabric pocket tees and a collaboration with French illustrator and graffiti artist, Choq, who also took to the walls of Juddy Roller to ensure that Third Chapter literally left their mark. With simplicity and the warmer months at the forefront of their thinking, Third Chapter worked with local manufacturers to design and construct strong, flexible garments suited to the varied pursuits of their consumers. To coincide with the release of the new collection, we shot a video lookbook that captures the essence of the summer collection and the spirit of those that make this unique brand tick. Film and cut: Robot Army Productions Post Production: Jordan Lister Produced: Will Kendall Music: Kid Cudi - All Summer Ft. Vampire Weekend & Best Coast


Third ChapterThird ChapterThird ChapterThird ChapterThird ChapterThird ChapterThird Chapter

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