Tees: Exposing Melbourne’s T–shirt Culture - Third Chapter

Third Chapter is lucky enough to be featured in an iconic exhibition in Melbourne's National Gallery of Victoria which will run until February 17th. Curated by Eddie Zammit, the man behind the world’s only t- shirt journal T- World, the exhibition "Tees: Exposing Melbourne’s T–shirt Culture" showcases the depth and history that has not only put Melbourne designers and labels on the map over past decades, but also a gives an in depth snapshot into the future with interviews with some of the industry's leaders and up-and-comers as they talk about the direction of the industry. Also featured in the exhibition is the work of our talented friend and photographer Nicole Reed, who photographed over 25 portraits of Melbourne label owners as part of the show. Make sure you get down there to check out Melbourne t- shirt history in the making, and you can also pick up some of our Third Chapter merch along with a bunch of other local brands at the Teeshop that is set up at the exhibition. Images by Cameron Markin

Third Chapter Third ChapterThird Chapter

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