On November 22nd, 2013, Australian graffiti writer SOFLES shook the world like a tin of paint with his now viral internet video "Limitless" filmed by Selina Miles, changing the game with a clip that showed the potential of what's possible when original film making and a supremely talented artist combine. SOFLES is one busy man, rarely will you catch him in the one place for a long period of time, constantly on the roll lighting up walls across the globe, hence the reason it took nearly two years for this Collaboration to finally come together. It's something we have been talking about since we first met in 2009. This artwork landed in my email a few days after "Limitless" dropped and was clocking millions of views online. That right there proved to us that SOFLES wont be blinded by his well earned status, and is as real as it gets. Keep killing 'em. Go cop a crewneck or tee before they all go.

Image shot by Nicole Reed


Third Chapter

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